Once you have the confirmation that your home is infested with termites, there are a couple of extermination options that you need to consider to get rid of the problem, such as termite fumigation. Termite fumigation is a procedure that relies on the use of gas to eradicate drywood termites. This article discusses why it is the right extermination method for your home. The first section explains why termite fumigation is better than the other existing techniques, while the second section explains when it's safe for you and your family to regain access to your home.

Why choose this extermination method over others?

Termite fumigation presents a number of advantages that are not necessarily accessible via the other termite extermination methods, such as:

  • The simplicity of the preparation
  • The ability of the gas to eliminate other populations of pests present in your home
  • The effectiveness of the gas for up to 3 years

After hiring the fumigation company, you'll be handed an occupants fumigation notice, which is a document outlining all the things you must do to ready your home, including removing all plants and household pets from the home, and also sealing all foods in the special bags provided by the pest control company.

If your home was infested with more than one population of pest, and you didn't know about it, then be sure that the gas will kill them all. Indeed, termites may be the leading pest problem in your home, but fumigation also has the advantage of handling any other pest problem that is dormant.

You won't have to deal with residue gas issues

After the completion of the treatment, you and your relatives will not need to worry about the presence of any gas residue on your household goods, such as clothes or furniture items. This is because the fumigator will make sure that your house is thoroughly ventilated, since it accelerates the rate at which the gas dissipates.

Can you access your home right after the treatment?

The short answer to this question is no. Access to your home will be safe once the gas has completely dissipated, which may take between 2 and 3 days depending on the size of your home.

Because of all the reasons cited in this article, you must opt for the fumigation method to get rid of your termite problem. So contact a local termite fumigation company like Total Control Termite And Pest today.