Does your landscape have several tree stumps sitting in the ground that you have a hard time removing? You do not want to leave the stumps as they are because they can attract termites, which means your home can be at risk for termite damage. Discover what you should know about getting rid of tree stumps to prevent an infestation of termites.

What Should Be Known About the Removal of Tree Stumps?

There are multiple different ways for a tree stump to be removed, including the use of a chemical. If you want to attempt removing the tree stumps on your own before hiring a professional, you can accelerate the decomposition process of the stumps. You will have to drill several hole in the stumps and then pour the stump removal chemical in the holes to saturate the wood. Eventually the stumps will decompose enough for you to use an axe to chip them away.

If you want the stumps removed faster, you should leave the job to a specialist. He or she will come to your home with stump grinding equipment that is able to chip away the wood in small amounts. After so much of the wood is gone, the stump specialist may then pull the remainder of it out of the ground through a removal process that is known as grubbing. Getting rid of the tree stumps can help you avoid unknowingly providing wood for termites to consume.

What If There Are Termites Present in Tree Stumps?

If you already have a problem with termites in tree stumps, you may want to get the stumps treated by an exterminator before they are removed. The exterminator can also treat the ground after the stumps are removed as well in order to protect your home. You won't have to wait long after an exterminator treats the stumps for a specialist to remove them for you, as extermination will only involve the stumps being sprayed.

If it takes a while for your appointment with the exterminator to arrive, you may want to treat the stumps until they are professionally treated. Using bleach is not a long-term solution because it won't kill termite colonies, but pouring it on the stumps is a great way to kill termites to get rid of some of them.

You must keep in mind that getting rid of tree stumps in a timely manner is vital for the durability of your home if the stumps have termites. The pests can leave the stumps and make their way to your house to consume wood for 24 hours a day, which means your home can become unstable. You can get the ground where the stumps were removed filled with dirt if you don't want holes left in the landscape. Contact an exterminator, such as Rainbow Pest Control, to treat your tree stumps before and after they are removed so your home will not be at risk for a termite infestation!