If one wasp slips into your home and finds a suitable place to nest, you could end up with an all-out infestation in a short amount of time. Wasps are far more dangerous than just regular bees. In fact, people who are allergic to the sting of a wasp can actually die from a reaction. If you have wasps in your home, this is not a matter to be taken lightly and you should definitely get in touch with a pest control company like Hadley Termite & Pest Control Inc for help if you cannot safely get rid of these stingers on your own. There are a few things you should know about wasps before you even attempt to get started.

Wasps are Incredibly Aggressive

If you walk past a honey bee, chances are this insect will not seem bothered by your presence unless you try to disturb it. However, wasps are completely the opposite. They are very aggressive creatures and are known to attack even if you are minding your own business. This is due to their basic protective instinct over their nest and their offspring. For example, yellow jackets can have a large colony of offspring in their nest and because of this, they are always on high alert when it comes to potential predators.

Because of this overly protective nature, trying to remove a wasp's nest on your own can be quite dangerous. You could be attacked by several wasps, because when one wasp stings, they release pheromones as an alert to the rest of the wasps in the colony. These pheromones signal the other wasps to also attack.

Wasps are Creatively Capable Architects

If you have put on protective gear and are in the process of trying to remove a wasp nest, you should know that the feat may not be as easy as you think. The nest of a wasp may not be what you expect, as some wasps do not build their nests out in the open, but hidden in small crevices or bored into holes of the wood. So even if you see a portion of a nest, what you see may not be the extent of it and what is hidden can be very hard to get to in order to safely remove.

If you are having issues with wasps in your home, it is best to get in touch with a professional exterminator for help. Not only will the professional use techniques that are safe, but they will work to ensure the wasps cannot regain entry.