If you have a garage that is a bit run down and you think you might have a rodent problem in it, you should trust your senses. Your sight, sense of smell and your hearing can tell you a lot about what kind of rodents (if any) that you have and just where in your garage they might be hanging out. Here is what you can look for, smell for and listen for, even if you do not actually see the rodents themselves.

What You Should Look For

Even the most elusive and shy rodents, like the shrews and voles, will leave clues of their presence. Chewing holes in bags of birdseed or gnawed cardboard are some of the first signs that you have a rodent problem. Rodent feces is another. Most rodents produce elongated, oval-shaped droppings of various sizes, depending on the rodent. When you spot these droppings, take a picture for rodent control services, but do not touch the feces. Many rodents carry bacteria and diseases in their droppings that can be lethal to humans.

What Smells You Should Expect

If your garage has been overrun by rodents, the smell will be obvious. The ammonia odor from their urine will slap you in the face the minute you enter your garage. At first it may be so slight that you just catch a whiff walking past the area in your garage that the rodents use as a toilet, but as the rodents reproduce, the smell will get stronger. Any other feral animals that find their way into your garage will add to the odor when they mark their territory and look for food. This can create a major health hazard that could cause your garage to be condemned, so the sooner you get pest control out to take care of it, the better.

Sounds You Might Hear

Rodents all create their own squeaks and chatters. You are more likely to hear something at night than during the day and are more likely to hear the sounds with the garage lights off than on. Rustling, ripping and chewing sounds are more commonly heard at night too, although you may have to sit quietly in the dark for at least an hour before the rodents get brave enough to run around you. If you have some very clever rodents invading your garage, this might be the only way you can verify that they are there, since they could just be using the garage for warmth while finding food outside and defecating/urinating outdoors as well.

If you notice any of these issues, don't hesitate to contact a rodent control professional like Eagle Pest Eliminators.