When you were a child and your parents tucked you in and told you to sleep tight and to not let the bed bugs bite, you likely assumed that bed bugs were just a story or myth. However, the reality is that bed bugs are the real deal and getting rid of them once they have infested your home can be a major challenge and undertaking. If you find that your home and furniture have a bed bug problem, you will need to get started right away in the bed bugs treatment process to get these itch and discomfort-causing pests out of your life and home once and for all. Get to know some of the ways that you can do that and get started as soon as possible.

Gather All Fabric Items For High Heat Washing and Bagging

Bed bugs love cozy hiding spots to take up residence in. This is why they so frequently gather and live in people's beds. However, they do not exclusively infest beds as their name would suggest. Fabric is their most likely spot in your home.

As such, all of your bed linens, rugs, clothing, pillows, and stuffed animals could have bed bugs hiding and lurking in them. To get rid of these pests, you will need to gather up all of your fabric items that can be washed in your washing machine and put them through a high heat wash. The heat will kill the bed bugs that have infested those items.

To be sure that the bed bugs have been eradicated from these items or from items that cannot be washed at high heat in your washing machine, you can also bag them in plastic bags that are sealed with special bed bug treatment strips (that have an insecticide in them). Leave these items in the sealed bags for a few days and then remove them bed bug free. Keep in mind that even your books could be home to bed bugs and may need to be sealed in such bags to get rid of the pests.

Pull Furniture Away From Walls And Remove Drawers For Cleaning

Getting rid of bed bugs also involves a thorough cleaning of your home and all furniture. To get rid of hiding places for your bed bugs, you will need to pull the furniture away from walls and remove drawers from desks, dressers, night stands, and the like.

Vacuum everything, including the drawers, back and sides of furniture and every nook and cranny you can think of. Also, vacuum your bed's box spring and mattress thoroughly. Look for tears in your box spring that could give bed bugs a place to hide. If your box spring is infested, you could try to clean it or you may want to just replace it. An infested mattress should be vacuumed and then placed in a mattress cover that will seal up your mattress, killing any remaining bed bugs and preventing a new infestation from affecting you and your home.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can treat your home for bed bugs, you can get started in the process right away and turn your waking bed bug nightmare into a problem of the past.