If you have noticed furry, brown creatures popping in and out of a hole or two in your lawn, you are most likely experiencing the antics of gophers. These cute little creatures can cause quite a bit of damage to your landscaping if they are not eradicated immediately. Here are a few steps you can use to get gophers to move on to other grounds.

Use The Power Of Smell To Make Your Property Unattractive

There are a few scents that gophers do not care to smell. If you add these odors to your property, gophers may decide to leave in search for a home in an area where they do not need to smell them. Gophers do not care for the smell of fish, so adding some scraps after you have a meal of this food can be helpful in deterring gophers. Cayenne pepper, mothballs, coffee grounds, and scented fabric sheets are all odorous items gophers would prefer not to smell.

Try Adding Sound To Jostle Gophers Into Leaving For A New Home

Gophers prefer to stick around a property where it is quiet. If there are several sounds in the area, they will likely move on to another property to set up their residence. Add a few sets of wind chimes to the exterior of your home or place them right out in the yard by attaching them to wire plant stakes so there is continuous sound when the winds pick up. Vibrating gopher deterrents can be purchased through a pest control service or from a local landscaping store and inserted into the ground to help scare gophers away from your property as well.

Trap Gophers To Relocate Them Elsewhere

Many people use traps as a method of gopher removal. Small cage-like traps will allow gophers go get inside but retain them from getting back out with the use of small hinged doors that only open in an inward direction. Traps should be placed inside of gopher burrows in pairs so gophers will become contained whether they are trying to get out into the yard or get back inside the burrow. Dig out the opening of a burrow  a bit so you can slide a trap (with the door portion facing downward) into the hole. Immediately follow it with a trap with the door facing upward. Check the traps each day to see if you caught any critters and bring them to an area away from your home to be released. Find professional residential wildlife removal in your area for more help.