If you've recently had your home treated for termites, you want to make sure that they stay away. Without proper preventative measures, you could find yourself facing another termite infestation. Here are three steps you can take to make your home less inviting to termites.

Keep Wood Products Away from the House

Termites are attracted to all types of wood products. To prevent termite infestation, you should keep all wood products as far away from your home as possible. Wood garden lattices should not be attached to your home. Firewood should be stored towards the back of your yard. Decorative bark and mulch should not be used in gardens that are up against your home. It's also important that you trim your trees and bushes so that they don't rest up against your home or the roof.

Install Protective Barrier in Crawl Space

If you have a crawl space under your home, you will need to make sure that it's termite-proof. Termites like dark, moist places and your crawl space fits both of those requirements. To prevent termites from using your crawl space as an entry point into your home, you should start with a protective layer of plastic sheeting. The plastic sheeting should cover as much of the space under your house as possible. Next, take a look at the water pipes under your home.

Termites can use the small spaces around the pipes to gain access to your home. Apply a thin layer of spray foam insulation around the pipes to seal off the cracks and crevices. Finally, take a look at the rest of the area under your home. If you see cracks in the subflooring leading up to your home, use the spray foam insulation to seal those spaces. This will help seal off the access points that termites can use to get into your home.

Seal Cracks in Foundation and Stucco

Termites don't always get into your home through wood. Sometimes they use cracks in the foundation or stucco to get inside and destroy your home. If you see cracks in your foundation or stucco, you can repair them with latex caulking. Use a wire brush to scrape away loose concrete or stucco. Place a thick line of caulking in the cracks. Scrape the excess off with a putty knife and allow the caulking to dry. Do this to every crack you find in your foundation or stucco.

Termites are no laughing matter. If you've already recovered from one termite infestation, use the tips provided here to prevent a re-infestation. For other helpful tips, be sure to speak to your pest control technician. 

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