While it's enjoyable to watch songbirds snacking at your bird feeder, not all birds are welcome guests around your home. Many different types of birds can leave behind a mess, as well as potentially even damage parts of your home — for example, build nests in your gutters or block your dryer vent with twigs. If you have a real problem with birds, it's a good idea to call your local pest control service, which can implement different ways of keeping these pests at bay. If you initially want to deal with the situation yourself, the installation of bird spikes — long, sharp spikes that discourage the birds from landing and nesting — is a worthwhile investment. Here are some ideal locations to mount these spikes.

Along The Bottom Edge Of Your Roof

As long as you're comfortable working atop a ladder, it's worthwhile to install bird spikes along the bottom edge of your roof, just above your gutters. The presence of the spikes in this area will discourage the birds not only from landing, but also from subsequently building nests in the gutters that could impede the flow of water and cause damage to your roof.

On Your Window Ledges

Although birds don't commonly damage your home's windows, they can land on the ledges and leave feces in this area — and you likely don't want to look at this mess each time you look out the window. The installation of a couple strips of bird spikes on your window ledges can be enough to keep these feathered pests away.

On Top Of Your Chimney

It's bad news when birds take an active interest in your chimney. When the fireplace isn't running, birds may build a nest atop the chimney and, if the screen in the top of the chimney is broken, birds could actually fall down the chimney and land in your fireplace. Some bird spikes placed around the upper edge of the chimney can be enough to discourage birds from congregating in this area and potentially causing damage.

On A Deck Pergola

A pergola above your deck or patio provides some reprieve from the shade and the prying eyes of neighbors looking out the upper windows of their homes, but you don't want birds to gravitate toward this area, as they could possibly leave droppings on your deck or even on you. Grab a ladder and install some bird spike strips along the upper edges of the pergola structure to keep birds from landing here.

For help with severe bird issues, contact a company like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc.