Your family cabin is like a home away from home, and you just can't help but feel a little wistful every time you leave. While move-out day is always busy, it is important to avoid overlooking the basic maintenance that prevents you from opening the door to uninvited guests next season. Since country critters just seem to know when a cabin is vacant, you will need to use these strategies to deter them from turning yours into their home.

Feel For Drafts

That crisp forest breeze seems to breathe life into your heart every time it blows. However, feeling that lovely air making its way into your home is a warning sign when it comes to roach control. Insects find their way into your cabin through the smallest of cracks. Therefore, feel around the bottoms of doors and around your windows to see if you can catch a draft. If you do, then that means there is enough space available for a cockroach or spider infestation. Use caulk or weather-stripping around your windows and doors to seal up potential entryways for unwelcome guests.

Pack Up The Larder

It may be tempting to leave groceries with a long shelf life behind until your return, but rodents can sniff out everything—even that bag of flour. For mice control, keep food out of your cabin when people are not present, and keep an eye out for signs of mice while you are there, such as bite marks in your food or droppings on your shelves. Once you have packed up all of the food, give those counters and shelves a good wipe down with a cleaner to remove any food residue left behind.

Inspect the Exterior

As a general rule, any holes in the exterior of your home that are larger than a pen cap need to be closed up, or you risk letting in the rats and squirrels. Do a walk around of your cabin a day or two prior to leaving to inspect for potential damage that poses a pest control risk. Then, use expandable foam, metal, or wood to fill in any holes. Remember that steel wool rusts, so use a weather-resistant material instead for your outdoor cabin.

Keeping your cabin cozy means keeping those pests away, and when it comes to pests in outdoor areas, it really is best to take a full-on approach by also scheduling regular professional inspections. This way, you can open the doors to your cabin on your next family getaway with full confidence that you will be the only living creatures occupying your favorite space.