When the weather turns cold during the winter months, most animals wish to go where it is warm. Cockroaches are no exception. Unfortunately, your house becomes appealing to the roaches, as it could provide them with a warm place to stay with food and water. If you wish to avoid having them move into your house, use the following tips to keep the roaches away.

1. Store Garbage and Yard Debris Away From Your House

One way you can minimize the number of roaches coming close to your house is to store any garbage and other debris away from your doors. While you may prefer to keep the garbage cans or firewood close at hand so you don't have to go out into the cold, keeping these items near your house will only draw roaches.

Any food within garbage cans will attract any roaches looking for food. Then, since they are already near your house, they may decide to check out the warm space inside to see if there is any more food. And, although firewood does not serve as a food source for the insects, the roaches will often use stacks as shelter. If these stacks are on your back porch or deck, the bugs may eventually find their way into your house. 

Even though it may be an inconvenience to you to keep your garbage cans at the curb or the firewood closer to your tool shed, doing so can help minimize the risk of having the unwanted insects in your home.

2. Caulk Around Doors and Windows

While keeping tempting items away from your house can help reduce the risk, some roaches may still find their way to your home's exterior. As they sense the warmth or smell food, they can eventually locate any gaps around your doors and windows that serve as entryways for the roaches.

To keep them from freely entering into your house, use caulk to fill in any gaps you find around your doors and windows. Also, look around at your baseboards that may have small separations between them and the floors, as these too can act as a doorway to the roaches.

Even if you keep your house clean and use the above tips, you still may find that cockroaches have moved into your home. If so, contact a company that provides pest control services to have them determine the extent of the infestation and discuss your options for getting rid of the unwanted visitors.